Saint Germain On Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Formulas for Self-Transformation

It has ever been a fallacy of human thought to deny the so-called miracles in the life of the great avatar Jesus. Nonetheless, he, as a son of God, revealed to all these mighty formulas which, if understood and practiced, would long ago have transformed the planet into a paradise of perfection. - Saint Germain

Saint Germain On Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare ProphetIn Saint Germain On Alchemy the Master of the Violet Flame and of the Aquarian Age impart secrets he has used for centuries by which you can, if you apply yourself, duplicate his achievements.

Discover the excellence of his mind On Alchemy:

  • Step-by-step instruction in the precipitation—direct of indirect—of visible, tangible objects
  • Preparatory lessons in becoming an alchemist
  • A guided first experiment in precipitating an amethyst Maltese cross
  • Methods of visualization
  • The use of symbols and symbology
  • How to acquire the talents you need to fulfill you mission in life
  • The path of becoming a Master Alchemist
  • How to tap the energy of creation
  • How to gain entrée into the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood
  • How to create a cloud of infinite energy to increase your spiritual protection and power
  • Formulas for precipitation
  • How to transcend time and space
  • The use of alchemy in the renewal of youth
  • The controlled release of Power, Wisdom and Love through the thoughtform of the Maltese cross and the threefold flame of your heart
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"Provided interesting insights as to the nature of existence—all its mystery, majesty and magic." - Cohoes, NY

Saint Germain on Saint Germain On Alchemy

Do not be set back by that which you meet. Let it be doused in violet flame. Go forth with the joy of precipitation. Take my 'little book,' [Studies in Alchemy, volumes one and two] this precious book given to you by the devotees and staff and co-workers, by the Messengers therefore manifesting that concerted effort to see the physical manifestation of that which I have long desired to have in print.

I hold it in my hand in this dictation for a very purpose. For I am charging this copy and through it every copy of this book with the full, flaming presence of my new day, my revolution to all. May this book itself find its goal in every nation and in every language.

It is a handbook. It is the little book which may be devoured, and it will begin the alchemicalization. It will begin the process worldwide of the raising up of the coil of the violet flame. To this, then, be dedicated, and know that I have indeed come again, my mantle with me, our beloved Alpha and Omega and the Cosmic Council so decreeing that I may go forth in this hour and that I may truly have the opportunity of the quickening.
   - Saint Germain Nov 17, 1985

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saint Germain On Alchemy

Elizabeth Clare Prophet comments on Saint Germain On AlchemyAnd this mystery of the Word is being fulfilled in us through that "little book" which the angel gave to John the Revelator, who found when he "ate it up" that it was in his mouth sweet as honey, but bitter in the belly.

Today the message of this little book has been set forth by Saint Germain and published by us under the title Saint Germain On Alchemy: For the Adept of the Aquarian Age. This is your handbook for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. When you take it and eat it up, you will know the fundamental laws governing your fiery destiny in this life. And if you diligently apply them, you will fulfill that destiny and your reason for being—and no man shall take thy crown. For the Lord Thy God has decreed it. And it is so!
- Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Customer Reviews of Saint Germain On Alchemy

One of the most important books to read as we move further into the age of Aquarius. Received as gift from a friend

What I like the best: the knowledge and understanding of things I knew but time and people have, over the years, tried to strip away.

This has become my "Bible." It is highlighted, has flags and is worn with usage.

This book has answered so many questions and has revealed the truth I have been searching for. Liked the glossary the best.

It is understandable if someone is looking for "alchemy" they may be disappointed with this book.

This book is not about the procedure of creating physical changes (ex: base metals into gold).

When I first read this book I too was looking for documented precipitation formulas. But as I read it again I found that the spiritual jewels of creating true alchemical change (yes even over the physical) far exceeded my original expectations.

This book contains the methods to change the "base metals" of our human "ego-based" self into our real free self.

This book has answered so many questions and has revealed the truths I have been searching for. I felt like for the first time I'm learning the Truth I have been seeking.

Fascinating. Saint Germain feels very familiar to me, as if I know him.

The wisdom from heaven! I liked most the knowledge of the universal mind. The best book on alchemy I ever read.

Not finished, so far I like the way the book makes you feel like Saint Germain is speaking directly to you.

This book has clearly shown me formulas I have been seeking my whole life. I warmly thank you from my heart of hearts!

Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross

Saint Germain On Alchemy

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