Saint Germain - The Man Who Would Not Die

From the In Search of ... TV series hosted by Leonard Nimoy

Count of Saint Germain, The Wonderman of Europe

The Count of Saint Germain is recorded in history as a visitor to the court of King Louis XV at Versailles. He was known as a diplomat charged with secret missions, an alchemist—removing flaws from jewels—and was rumored to have an Elixir of Life that preserved his health and youthfulness over many decades. Though welcomed to the courts of Europe, no one knew where he came from or how old he was. At the time he was rumored to be the lost third son of the Count Rakoczy born in Transylvania in 1694.

The Man Who Would Not Die

He was rumored to have died in 1784 at the castle of Prince Karl von Hesse in Germany, however no one witnessed or recorded his death or knows where he was buried. Ten years later he was sighted in Paris during the French Revolution as recorded by Countess d'Adhémar. He gained his name as the man who would not die from Voltaire who wrote in a letter to Frederick the Great, "the Count de St. Germain is a man who was never born, who will never die, and who knows everything."

Today, many people revere Saint Germain as an ascended master. Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives a metaphysical view of Saint Germain's past lifetimes, ascension and his spiritual activities as an ascended master sponsoring freedom movements, including working with America's Founding Fathers.

Le Comte de Saint Germain - The Man Who Would Not Die

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives Saint Germain's message for people today, "I AM the keeper of the flame of freedom for every nation ...I AM in the flame of the holy science and of that religion which is yours to claim. Yes, I come a believer and a teacher of the law of reincarnation—the law of the coming again and again of the soul is your cosmic justice. It is that cause of freedom whereby you understand that the goal and the calling of America, and every true free nation, is to lead mankind into that way of higher consciousness. This is my mantra which I give to you, I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires."