Saint Germain: Master Alchemist by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Comte de Saint Germain - The Man Who Would Not Die


Voltaire describes him as "the man who never dies and who knows everything." Saint Germain, who sponsors the Aquarian Age, says, "You are mortal. I am immortal. The only difference is that I have chosen to be free while you have yet to make that choice." Throughout history, the master Saint Germain has played many key roles. This book shares his alchemical secrets for personal transformation.

Saint Germain Master Alchemist by Elizabeth Clare ProphetIn the 1700's he dazzled royal courts and became known as the Wonderman of Europe. His skills were praised by Louis XV, who provided him a laboratory and residence at the royal castle of Chambord. He formed secret societies and was a leading figure in the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and Knights Templar of the period.

Saint Germain: Master Alchemist is an intriguing book that reveal many key roles the master Saint Germain played throughout history. This Meet The Master Series book also share his priceless alchemical secrets for your personal and spiritual transformation.

Meet the Master Saint Germain

Alchemist, diplomat, teacher of masters and men—Saint Germain is a master of freedom who teaches us how to liberate our souls and be free from the bondage of the human condition. The master's attainment is vast, and yet he prefers to be thought of as simply a holy brother.

Saint Germain is the chohan (lord) of the seventh ray of freedom, hierarch of the Aquarian age and sponsor of the United States of America. Through many lifetimes, he has lived to make men free. As Francis Bacon, Saint Germain conceived of the concept of the Great Instauration (a restoration after a decay or lapse) which launched the English Renaissance, including the writing of the Shakespeare plays.

He is the initiator of souls in the science and ritual of alchemy. He teaches the art of transmutation through the violet flame by the power of the spoken Word.

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On Saint Germain: Master Alchemist

The teachings in this book are compiled from the lectures, dictations, books and sermons delivered by Mark L Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The teaching and concepts belong to the messengers. the editors of The Summit Lighthouse have simply woven threads and connected the thoughts to make the whole.

Customer Reviews of Saint Germain: Master Alchemist

For centuries, Eastern and Western spiritual adepts have used a secret tool to promote positive, healing energy called the violet flame. Saint Germain is one of its foremost proponents. I'd recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more about this master and his tools for spiritual acceleration. Very interesting!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the step by step directions for the meditations and prayers. The author has precisely described the benefits of the saying these mediations for improving one's physical, spiritual, and emotional life. I have also used these techniques with my clients who are requesting prayers for protection and for increasing energy and vitality. This book is a must for metaphysical teachers, healers, or for self-improvement.

I love this book! Everything in this book is helping me to become a better, stronger, more successful person.

Thank you! Saint Germain Master Alchemist is hopeful and inspiring. It rings deep in my soul.

Loved the history of Saint Germain's past lives! And the Creation of the Cloud.

Awesome. Please continue sharing messages of hope, faith, love and divine radiance.

Saint Germain Master Alchemist is condensed enough to give a good understanding, but intriguing enough to cause me to get more information.

This book changed my life; I totally believe. Thank you. Loved the history of his past lives leading to his ascension life.

For a small pocket book, I learned volumes.

I got this book after seeing the ad in The Lost Teachings of Jesus. This is a life-saving book. It has excellent information. this works! Saint Germain Master Alchemist is well written and, what I like most is it is helping me.

Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross

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