Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

How to Use the Violet Flame Daily

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saint Germain's violet flame mantra I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. You are affirming that God is where "I AM" and I am that God in manifestation and God in me is right now manifesting the violet flame.

"I AM a being of violet fire." That means that is the nature of my being:

"I AM a ray of God of the seventh ray, I AM saturated with the violet light, my aura is expanding to include my entire household, my family, my community, my state, nation, and planet.

"I am seeing the violet flame penetrating the ocean, transmuting the oil spills. I am seeing the detoxification of the environment of all toxic waste—all substance that is harmful to life. I know the violet flame in concentration can transmute all of this.

"I am seeing the purification of the air, the water, the uses of the atoms, of all animal life who are burdened by mans' misuses of the synthetically produced chemicals. I am seeing the violet flame heal the rent in the ozone layer. I am seeing the violet flame saturate everywhere bringing the ecosystem back into alignment.

"I call to the nature spirits of fire, air, water and earth, as I affirm that where I AM God is—that God is everywhere in the heart of the earth and on earth and I go with God."

Violet Flame Mantras with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet leads you through a five minute violet flame decree exercise complete with visualizations of the planet bathed in violet flame. See the violet flame acting in your world. The art of visualization and the science of the spoken word is practical spirituality.

Save the World with Violet Flame Decrees

One of Saint Germain's most important gifts to us is his teaching on the Science of the Spoken Word—the science of invoking the light of God to produce constructive change in oneself and the world. Use the power of the Word in decrees, affirmations, prayers, and mantras to draw the essence of the sacred fire from the I AM Presence, the Christ Self and cosmic beings to channel God's light into matrices of transmutation and transformation for constructive change in the planes of Matter.

The Science of the Spoken Word (together with that of the creative power of visualization) is the key and essential ingredient in all alchemy. The power of transmutation is a specific quality of the violet flame, which, when invoked into action, changes all that it contacts into a higher and purer state.

Violet flame decrees, mantras and songs led by Elizabeth Clare ProphetSave the World with Violet Flame 1 CD set contains devotionally paced decrees from Saint Germain and heart-lifting violet flame songs recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and The Summit Lighthouse audiences. With this Violet Flame CD, you can work out your own violet flame routine in communion with your Higher Self. You can add the violet flame to your daily prayers or meditations, whatever they are.

Violet Flame Animations for Spiritual Visualizations

Violet flame visualizations for world change dvdExperience the empowerment of spiritual visualization and dynamic decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet for self-transformation and planetary transmutation with the Spiritual Visualizations for World Change DVD, Violet Flame Visualizations for World Change.

Guided meditations using visualizations of the violet flame becoming a giant ovoid of light, filling your entire aura. Four powerful animations: The Earth in Violet Flame: 7:32, Violet Flame Waterfall: 7:36, Violet Flame Chalice: 7:53 and Saint Germain with Violet Rays: 7:55