Unveiled Mysteries - Saint Germain with Godfré Ray King

Summit University Online Course

Unveiled Mysteries with Saint Germain and Elizabeth Clare ProphetUnveiled Mysteries captures the personal transcendent experiences Godfré had with the Ascended Master Saint Germain on Mount Shasta. This ground-breaking book, written in the 1930s by Guy W. Ballard under the pen name of Godfré Ray King, gives a foundational understanding of the teachings on the Mighty I AM Presence and the use of Light and Sound Rays to accelerate spiritual advancement.

In the Unveiled Mysteries Summit University online course, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives in-depth commentary on the spiritual mysteries presented in this book. She shows how the experiences Godfré had, the face-to-face encounters with an ascended master, are also possible for you.

Unveiled Mysteries provides personal transformation keys to accelerate your ability to unite with God's Light!

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Your Unveiled Mysteries Course Benefits

  • Learn how the experiences Godfré had with the Master Saint Germain are possible for you,
  • Connect with your own mighty I AM Presence in a whole new way,
  • Utilize keys for precipitating your Christ consciousness and your mission in this life
  • Acquire new skills in consciously traveling to Saint Germain's etheric retreats
  • Learn from the online forum discussions
  • Overcome bad habits and being ruled by your emotions by mastering your thoughts and feelings, and
  • Practice the top spiritual technique for passing your tests on the spiritual path.