Creation of the Cloud Meditation

From Saint Germain On Alchemy

Creation of the Cloud meditation"With an awareness of the law, faith in its impersonal operation, and a determined intent that once the formula has been developed the desired manifestation must be released into form, we shall proceed with the business of creating change. Now, one of the most effective means by which change can be produced through what I will call ‘the creation of the cloud.’ ... I am referring to a cloud of infinite energy which everywhere present but nowhere manifest until it is called into action." - Saint Germain On Alchemy, Book 2 Chapter 5

In the Creation of the Cloud meditation, Saint Germain teaches you how to magnetize millions of "focal points of light" into a brilliant pulsating "cloud of infinite energy" that can be directed into personal, organizational, community or planetary problems for the healing of specific conditions, such as disease, pollution, crime and war. For a more powerful and far-reaching effect, The Creation of the Cloud CD includes almost a half hour of violet flame decrees following the Cloud meditation.

The Great Divine Director on the Ritual of the Cloud

"I submit to you in this hour of Wesak that you pledge your hearts to the Lord of the World to amplify and blend your causal bodies of violet flame with his own, that Saint Germain might have in you, multiplying your forces with Gautama, a champion and that a sphere of light, of violet flame, might grow between the causal body of Gautama and your own attainment here below, and that causal body should begin as a cloud the size of a man’s hand and should grow and grow and grow that the earth might be contained within this fiery cloud of violet flame.

"Will you not take the ritual of the cloud given to you by Saint Germain in your Intermediate Studies in Alchemy [Book 2 of Saint Germain On Alchemy] and take the tape* of this and offer the ritual of the cloud and call forth a cloud of violet flame from the causal bodies of every member of the Great White Brotherhood in heaven and on earth? This, beloved, this will give pause to the Lords of Karma and the Four and Twenty Elders and cause there to be a mitigation of those prophecies that have been released through our Messenger." - Great Divine Director *now available on CD

    Saint Germain's "Creation of the Cloud" Meditation CD

Creation of the Cloud Meditation from Saint Germain On Alchemy.