The Shakespeare Code

The Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy

The Shakespeare Code, did Francis Bacon write Shakespeare playsAlmost 400 years after the publication of the Shakespeare plays, Virginia Fellows decodes the hidden story of their true authorship by Sir Francis Bacon. Amazing cross references of the plays to known historic events —made all the more interesting since Bacon only people close to him were aware of some of these events!

Placed within the works of Shakespeare, and other writers of the Elizabethan era, is a poignant and tragic tale that ends on a note of triumph. The encrypted message reveals a true story of Francis Bacon's involvement in the works that far exceeds the drama, comedy, tragedy, intrigue, betrayal, false identity and heroism portrayed in the plays.

  • A documentary that reads as an astonishing and compelling mystery novel.
  • Untangle the suspenseful web of false identities, characters of honor and nobility, foul play and intrigue.
  • Eight illustrations plus photographs of the original 1890s cipher wheel.
  • Examples, illustrations and code wheels included so readers can be their own detective.
  • New research showing thorough investigation, documentation and numerous footnotes.

Truth can be stranger than fiction. Francis Bacon held the highest political offices in England, yet he remained a visionary and poet, as well as a scientist who laid philosophical foundations for the scientific revolution. Finally, the incredible truth of his full past are revealed.

Readers Reviews of The Shakespeare Code

"The book is a wonderful, thrilling, fascinating story....The story is extremely important and needs to be told. It's inseparable from the Shakespearean authorship puzzle." — Simon Miles, Author and Researcher

Love this book too. Still have a few chapters left, but have already passed the word to others ...I like the history revelations the most

Really great book ...electrifying ...fascinating ...a great read—gives the true history.

Well done! I could not put the book down until it was finished. One can certainly see the earmarks of Saint Germain's soul in that of Francis Bacon.

Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross   Saint Germain's Maltese Cross

The Shakespeare Code

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