Saint Germain On Alchemy Table of Contents

Saint Germain On Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Wonderman of Europe

Book 1. Studies in Alchemy

The Science of Self-Transformation
1. The Law of the Transfer of Energy
2. The Purpose of Your Alchemical Experiment
3. The Sacred Science
4. Dare to Do!
5. The Need, Power, and Motive to Change
6. Molding Factors
7. Methods of Transfer
8. Commanding Consciousness
9. The Crucible of Being

Mystical Origins of the United States of America

Book 2. Intermediate Studies in Alchemy

Alchemical Formulas for Self-Mastery
1. "Create!"
2. Practical Alchemy
3. Spiritual Alliance
4. To Penetrate Matter
5. Formulas for Precipitation
6. "Create!" and the Cloud
7. The Science of Picturization
8. What Alchemy Can Mean to a Decaying World
9. Anxiety and the Anxiety Syndrome
10. Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind
11. The Highest Alchemy
12. The Way of the Tree of Life

Jesus Christ and Saint Germain

Wayshowers of the Aquarian Age

Book 3. A Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life

The Alchemy of Power Wisdom and Love
1. Power
  A. Power Defined
  B. Self-Dominion, Your Reins of Power
  C. Oneness of Life, Four Lower Bodies
  D. The Maltese Cross, Symbol of God-controlled Power
2. Wisdom
  A. Wisdom Defined
  B. Reembodiment—Keystone in the Arch of Being
  C. The Eternal Now—Doorway to the Future
  D. The Etheric Realm—Upper and Lower Strata
  E. Wisdom's Way by the Threefold Flame
  F. Balanced Achievement—The Way of Mastery
3. Love
  A. Love' Labor Lost in Human Compromise
  B. The Original Premise and Polarity of Love
  C. The Rock That is Higher Than I
  D. Divine Love Defined
  E. Self-Love, Family Love and Human Relationships
  F. Christ Love
  G. Harmony, the Fulfilling of the Law of Love

A Valentine From Saint Germain

Book 4. The Alchemy of the Word

Stones for the Wise Masterbuilders - Glossary
Saint Germain's Nine Steps to Precipitation